Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Travelling broadens the mind

Hi Folks

Have just returned from two trips to two very different countries. First off Warsaw for a work-related trip. Really snowy and beautiful. was stunned to learn how much had been destroyed by the Nazi's at the end of WWII. In fact virtually all of central Warsaw was demolished by the retreating German army and it has been painstakingly rebuilt by the Poles. They even moved an entire medieval village to recreate the Old Town. Most poignant of all was walking through what was the old Jewish quarter which had been walled up completely and 300,000 Polish Jews systematically starved within. A few decided to fight rather than starve to death or be exterminated in death camps and this was known as the Warsaw Gettho uprising. It was very sobering to walk across the line that delineated the old wall and remember those who died.

And then back briefly for a birthday celebration (not telling you how old) and off again on a holiday to Gran Canaria - what a beautiful contrast. So warm, (24 deg) compared to winter here in the UK. To feel the warm air on my skin, the sun on my face and to be able to wear t-shirts rather than thermals - wonderful. I spent some time reading but also managed to go jogging every morning and generally relax with no stress. The people are lovely, so friendly and genuine, we were lucky in finding an extremely good restaurant opposite the hotel and it being a quiet village with none of the tacky razzamatazz of some of the larger resorts. We visited a few on day trips and, apart from Puerto Mogan (aka 'Little Venice) which was wonderful, they were all horrible. If you like amusements and tacky bars that's great but it wasn't what I wanted and I was glad we were away from it all. Would go back in a flash - not only for the rest but also for the Vitamin D top-up which is so vital to our health here in the UK. There was another report on the radio today about a study linking low levels to cancer - it's becoming big news. I remember my tutor on my Nutritional Medicine course saying he makes sure he goes on holiday somewhere sunny sometime after Christmas for that reason. He's been studying nutrition all his working life so must know what he is talking about. I believe we should learn from successful people.

Back to work for me straight away- hundreds of emails, work stacked up on my desk - all potentially very stressful. The first evening back I felt very tired and overwhelmed but managed to get my thoughts in better order 'I can do it tomorrow when I am more rested' and just by releasing that thought immediately felt better. Not saying I've conquered my habit of panicking just that I am realising it is a state of mind over which I have control. Hence am blogging this now to remind myself I can do it. I hope it inspires others too. Just by making some small changes in thinking you gain perspective.

Bye for now