Patricia Worby

I'm a former scientist and health researcher who, after having chronic fatigue and finding no answers in the current medical system, sought solutions for myself. What I found shattered my previous beliefs; so I decided to use what I have learnt about the real causes of illness and become a holistic therapist specialising in chronic pain, fatigue and stress-related illness. My experience has taught me that is often important to treat both the mind and the body for full health and wellbeing1.
Many so-called physical issues often have a mindbody component. This does not mean it's 'all in your mind' - it means the problems are physical and real but they will respond to emotional healing. My focus therefore, is especially on these mindbody conditions such as chronic pain or fatigue driven by unresolved emotional issues as first identified by Dr John Sarno. It is the hidden link where physical therapy meets psychology and it is the best way that chronic pain sufferers can heal effectively. If it is missed then further suffering, sometimes for years, is inevitable. Don't make the mistakes I made!

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