Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Am reading a wonderful book by an recovered sufferer of Chronic Fatigue  Syndrome. The book is called the Natural Recovery Plan by Alison Adams. She was a dentist for 20 years and then fell ill with CFS and wanted to find out more.

In it she discusses this and and Fibromyalgia and related auto-immune syndromes like Raynaud's. Her approach is distinctly holisitic and naturopathic which piqued my interest but, importantly, having a medical training, it is also very scientific which allowed the biochemist in me to get interested in the nitty gritty of cellular function.
For the first time I had an explanation for both the Raynaud's which I suffer from (apparently this is a result of toxicity being dumped in the extremities and then blood flow restricted so that it can't be distributed to the more essential organs! Also an explanation for Fibroids - the uterus being a non-essential organ this also is allowed to be a dumping ground for heavy metals - in the very fatty tissue there. Again, a Eureka moment for me as they simply told me it was 'simply one of those things when I asked why I had them when I had a low estrogenic intake (never having been on hormonal contraception or HRT). Will update again soon when I have finished it. So far it's very impressive.