Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Women's problems

Well, life as they say happens while you're busy doing something else.
I have been very busy doing my studying (for hypnotherapy) and looking into treating Thyroid and Adrenal dysfunction which is going to be very useful for treating clients who come to me with unspecified depression, auto-immune dysfunction and chronic fatigue symptoms. In fact I was getting quite excited about my discoveries which I periodically publish on my Facebook health page; Patricia Worby Holistic Health.
Then to complete my marking of the end of winter (we hope shortly!) I went on a lovely spa package and spent some considerable time detoxing in a Far- Infra-Red Sauna (very different to steam saunas which I don't tolerate very well). I felt fabulous after that.

However a few days later I started to wonder if I was putting on weight again around my abdomen. I went to the docs last Friday and she had a prod around and confirmed what I thought; that despite having a successful embolisation procedure for fibroids two years ago, they have returned! I wasn't surprised but I was shocked. My diet is reasonably good, I exercise, I take supplements and I think, anyway that I am taking steps to conquer my anxiety (with hypnotherapy practice). However, I was very traumatised by the news - especially as it means I have to go through the rounds of scans and consultants again. Almost instantly my symptoms got much, much worse (as if my body is reading my mind). I had pain and swelling and felt exhausted. I now think that my organs of elimination (gut, skin, lungs, etc are too clogged to allow the detoxing that I did to be eliminated in the body and therefore they are reabsorbed and stored in a non-life-threatening organ - the uterus!). This is the body's way of trying to minismise the damage.. it is not trying to attack me.

However, given my new knowledge as to what causes fibroids (toxic build up, nutritional deficiencies and stress) I was determined to do it differently this time. I had been sent the link for a Naturopathic Doctor in the US, Dr Akilah El who specialises in healing fibroids I contacted them by email and was told I would need a copy of my latest scan if I was to have a consultation. Unfortunately my last one was a year ago so I need to get a current one to see what I'm up against. Her book and audio sound good but they are way expensive ($80 - around £52) so I carried on looking and came across another American Amanda Leto who has done something similar but hers was more realistic at $39 - approx £25 plus VAT. Why are there no UK people doing this. Fibroids are incredibly common (see a previous post - 30 - 40% of white women - especially amongst black women where up to to 70% have them - sometimes without symptoms)

I have now downloaded that e-book and read all of its 255 pages with accompanying diet plans and stress busting tips. It's pretty good - not properly proof-read which is odd (I always wonder why people let something go out with typos in given how quickly you can check it by eye - presumably checking with a spell checker is what they did as it hasn't identifed some problems because they are real words - just not the right one). It has some inaccuracies (chlorophyll is the 'blood life of every plant' apparently - I understand what she means it's just slightly misleading - chlorophyll is a molecule similar to haemoglobin in blood - but it does not circulate - it is fixed in the leaves to make sugars - photosynthesis). I am trying to work out whether i should point these errors out to her or just leave it alone - she is after all not a scientist and I may come over all pedantic.

Anyhow I am now following the advice given there withe the diet and supplements and intend to do the 3 day juice fast over Easter. This will be hard but given my condition I have a strong impetus. I am certainly hoping to see results faster than the NHS!! Actually already (day 2 of cutting out caffeine, gluten, soya) I feel better and my abdomen has gone down considerably. I can actually feel I am detoxing - plus my guts are very clearly cleaning out (TMI). It is amazing to me that just by cutting out obvious oestrogen triggers and allergens from my diet - plus drinking lemon water three times a day I have already managed to bring my symptoms down to manageable levels. I am thrilled in fact.

I will let you know how it goes. One thing is for sure. The alternative - more tests, hysterectomy (I am sure they won't offer me embolisation again as it didn't work) are not an option I want to take. I will if I have to but let's see if this naturopathic option works well. Certainly if initial results are anything to go by I am healing already.
p.s Have found Dr Marilyn Glenville in the UK has a downloadable e-book on the subject too. see
Hers is a lot cheaper at £7.93. May download that one too though expect it will heavily feature her products at the Natural Health Practice..