Saturday, 22 January 2011

Finally, a date for my surgery

After weeks and months of waiting, interminable appointments and tests, I have a date for my procedure of the 1st March. Whilst I am not looking forward to going into hospital (it is the first time since I was 7 nearly 40 years ago), I am relieved finally that something is to be done. It is truly a weight off my mind as I hadn't realised how much uncertainty brings you down. It is a few weeks away now, but at least I now and, somehow that makes dealing with the discomfort easier.
The results of my MRI showed multiple fibroids, 3 of which are large and pressing on other organs which would explain the discomfort. According to my consultant this is not unusual they are often found in groups. He is confident they will all be treated at the same time with the embolisation and should shrink to 50% within 3 months. This would be a great relief and might mean i can get into my jeans for the first time in a while. Currently it feels like being a couple of months pregnant and unfortunately this means everything is a bit of a squeeze.
I was shown a diagram of the procedure and given plenty of time to ask questions. I cannot fault the team at Southampton General Hospital, they were kind, courteous and efficient as much as it is possible within a system that creaks at the hinges. Embolisation is not common, they only do 2 a week (I suspect as many women opt for hysterectomy not realising how debilitating this is and what the long-term effects may be - not just infertility but early menopause, and decreased sexual response). I wanted to remain intact if at all possible and have chosen this method as I will be able to return to work in 2 weeks rather than the 3 months recommended for hysterectomy. Interesting.

It is not the best timing, I was hoping for a February appointment but my consultant is away at the end of the  month as it's half term and I suspect he's taking a holiday. I will possibly miss my next module of the Nutritional Medicine course which is annoying as it's one I missed 2 years ago as it was oversubscribed and I will have to wait another 2 years for it to come round. I am still hoping for an earlier cancellation however so we'll see.

Life goes on, it's remarkable how many different phases I have been through in the last few months. It's like Elizabeth Kubler-Ross's stages of grief. Denial, anger, resignation etc. I am at peace for  the first time in months. Something is going to be done, they don't think there'll be a problem and I am perfectly healthy apart from this (blood pressure, oxygen saturation all good). So, we'll see, in the meantime I have to prepare my body with plenty of green juices and superfoods, rest and relaxation. I will also need to support myself in the healing afterwards with vitamins and minerals.

It's definitely been a learning curve.

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