Friday, 21 February 2014

Courage, Compassion and connection

This week I have been practising my presentation skills for a talk entitled 'Recovery from ME/CFS'. My plan is to be able to present this sometime in the spring - I want to do a joint presentation with a colleague of mine who is a therapist and iridologist. I think we make a good team. As a Chrysalis Effect Practitioner specialising in these chronic mind-body conditions you need a multi-factorial approach - one therapy cannot do it. One size does not fit all. The team-based approach is one which makes me different and I aim to be promoting this shortly. Ali will be working alongside me as a VIP (Vital impact Practitioner). We will be offering packages of care rather than ad-hoc appointments.. anyhow all looking exciting.
While I was thinking about what it takes to be able to present to people, I was reminded of US researcher Brene Brown talking about Shame and Empathy - something that is very much a part of what I do. I listen to people's stories, and I have to learn how to connect without judgement so people are able to tell me things that shame them, and thus release it. Without compassion this is impossible. It's what makes it possible for me to do this work. so it is timely that while looking up some information on Google I came across Brene Brown from a Tedx talk she did which has become an international sensation and launched her career as a speaker/storyteller. She has the most amazing effect on me - mainly because she talks from the heart about subjects that most of us try to avoid. And because this understanding is influenced not only by her research but by her own experience (and subsequent breakdown) when she realised that the quality of the life you live is largely down to how vulnerable you are willing to make yourself. The quality of your relationships, worklife, and spiritual expression are all down to how open you can make yourself to hear others, and yourself, without shame or judgement.  This was very challenging to the person she was and to most of us.
Indeed, to do the work I do, listening to people's often painful stories, it requires Courage (talking from the heart- from the French word for heart - Coeur), Compassion and Connection. When I am able to do this I see tremendous shifts in people, who trust me with their shame, who have faith in me to hold the space while they work it through. This is an amazing journey that we undertake together and for all the people that have allowed me to do this, I thank you profoundly. Long may it continue.
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