Friday, 20 June 2014

The Road less Travelled; natural approaches to health and healing.

I have borrowed the title of the famous book by M Scott Peck not to talk about self improvement, and psychology like he does, but to look at naturopathic approaches to health and healing. I went to
 an interesting talk on Saturday by Naturopathic guru's Joe and Lara Pizzorno (authors of the seminal Textbook of Natural Medicine) about Acidiosis, Mercury toxicity and Osteoporosis and natural approaches to reversing these issues.

The approach is basically one of supporting the body's detoxification systems - specifically the liver - rather than suppressing symptoms with increasingly dangerous drugs. For example in osteoporosis the available pharmaceutical methods are pretty much all very harmful - one class of drugs the bisphosphonates - e.g. Fosamax and other trade names... promotes cancer of the jaw and oespophagus!) In the US, dentists are refusing to treat people on this class of drugs because of potential litigation..

No. 1 recommendation was to alkalise your diet, reduced salt (sodium competes with Calcium in the bones) and stop drinking sodas/fizzy drinks - diet or not, the phosphates in these are very damaging to bone rebuilding activity . If you  mess with this process either by not having enough Calcium to build the bone or having too much toxicity in your blood (heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants - 'POP's' from water, etc) or worse, taking the pharmaceutical medicines !! you will end up with osteoporosis.
Top recommendations are; Add sea-algae to your diet, reduce grains and sugars and supplement Betaine HCl to help your stomach to digest properly (> 40& of postmenopausal women are deficient in this vital stomach acid and Calcium in the diet cannot therefore be absorbed).

Use milk thistle to support the liver, make sure you do de-stressing activities to balance your system and prioritise sleep as this is the time when we do our vital detoxification.
There is so much you CAN do to help yourself. . If anyone is interested in ordering my downloads on various subjects with specific recommendations for different conditions then please see my website

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