Friday, 22 July 2016

The importance of Lymph on brain function

Listening to a video and reading the article by Dr John Douillard about the importance of the lymphatic system on our health. I think this is probably the issue I had recently. I thought it was something else entirely. but it matches what was happening to me - and you have lymph nodes just above the gut which is where I swelled up.

This article also highlights the importance of the brain's 'glymphatic' system, (lymph vessels around the glial cells) only recently discovered, which drains toxins out of the brain at night - hence the importance of sleep to our overall wellbeing and avoidance of dementia.

Does anyone remember Margaret Thatcher famously only slept 4 hours a night? - and you know how she ended her days.. Probably the same was true of President Ronald Reagan. He also got dementia.

Sleep on your side for best drainage - and try to get 6 - 8 hours.

I shall be talking about this amongst many other fascinating subjects in my next book 'The world within - how your microbiome makes you who you are' due out 2017.

See here for more details on this issue.

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