Thursday, 7 March 2013

Fibro update

2nd week of restricted diet and special herbs and supplements. Though I will admit I broke my no gluten rule today by having a biscuit! Never mind, I know better than to berate myself. It's ok. generally I'm sticking to the diet 80% of the time and that's pretty good. i had salad for lunch with soup and an oat based muesli for breakfast. I am now drinking my Roibos (redbush) tea and contemplating the fact that my period this month was virtually pain free and I have already lost weight - 3 pounds to be exact. I feel fitter, my belly has gone down a bit too.

I know one of my clients was suprised that I am so honest in my blog writing about my personal health issues but goodness me if i can't write it here where can I? Women are so programmed to be silent about their problems especially if it's to do with their reproductive bits.. I am writing this so you know you can make changes and fairly quickly. The diet includes lots of alkalising drinks - lemon juice in water first thing in the morning - you can follow that up with apple cider vinegar too if you like. Plus plenty of green veg - I had seaweed in my stir fry yesterday! In addition to my normal supplement regime of Omega-3 and Vitamin D and a high quality multi-vit mineral (I like the brand Nutri-women) I am also taking DIM (di-indle methionine from cruciferous veg), Serrapeptase (from silkworkms), Ginkgo biloba (for energy), Agnus castus (good for hormonal issues), NAD (N-acetyl cysteine) to help liver detoxification, my thryroid gland concentrate, Choline and Inositol (for blood sugar control). Plus some drops of dandelion and milkthisle tincture, black cohosh and my vitamin drink Floradix. This is a heavy course of supplements but for 3 months, with the cleansing and liver packing and epsom salt footbaths it's doable. The goal is to lose a bit more weight, reduce my bloating and give me my power back. While I wait to hear when my appointment for a scan is - probably 6 weeks I have been told.

I got all of this off the website Though I then found the information much cheaper and on a UK site of Dr Marilyn Glenville I haven't downloaded this one yet but i will. At just under £8 (compared the the £30 I paid for the other one) it's a bargain. Probably linked to her supplements though..
The message is - you can make a change to yourself. you only have to know how.
I didn't understand fibroids at all - I thought it was just bad luck or genetics but I now see my lifestyle has been a big factor. I have upped my exercise and cut down my sugar intake as well as including lots of raw foods. It all helps. Anyhow will update again when I hear.

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