Friday, 5 April 2013

Supplements, scans and dental amalgam - warning women's issues!

Had my scan this week to assess how my detox (supplement and herb) routine is going. The results were not too bad . The largest fibroid is 7 x 6 x 6 cm which, although large enough to be felt by me is definitely less than it was the first time I had scan 2 years ago. Of course some of that is due to the operation I had (a UAE) but I feel sure that the herbs I am using (from a protocol developed by Amanda Leto, and with some amendments by Marilyn Glenville). I take about 12 per day including P-cleanse (to rid the body or parasites, NAC, Serrapeptase, Inositol and Choline, a special women's multi that includes maca, agnus castus, red clover, sasparilla as well as vitamins A, E. I am also dosing high on Spirulina and Chlorella (for inducing alkalinity and detoxing heavy metals), low acidity Vitamin C (magnesium citrate) as well as my normal omega-3's and stuff. however, after 5 weeks I now feel a bit jaded by the constant pill taking. I want to continue of course but it's a pain having to get them out each morning and remembering to take them. I'm being honest here.

I want to do the juice cleanse but it's so cold at the moment I can't face it. It's due to warm up a bit next week so hopefully I can at least do one day. I find I lack motivation which is hard as i know it'll be good for me and tell other people to do this but again it's tough sometimes when your body feels like hibernating.

I went to a new dentist last week to ask about removal of dental amalgam (which I am sure is contributing to my problems - mercury seems to depress the thyroid as well as liver function which I am know is compromised in fibroid conditions). There is also a new book which I downloaded yesterday which talks about the OAT axis - oestrogen, the adrenals and the thyroid. I knew instinctively there was a link but now I know why. I do recommend it; it's called 'OAT balance' by Dr Michael Lam and the Kindle version is available for download for 77p. That's right. But it's only a chapter of his book it turns out so in reality that's probably the right price.. Very interesting.
so many women have these problems and they are never told what they can do about it. My sonographer at the hospital was a lovely black woman who, although she was gentle and kind, knew nothing about why fibroids occur, or how you can treat them naturally. So, I ended up telling her about it and the fact that black women are 5x more likely than white women to get them. It is a statistical fact that 90% of African-American women in the US have a hysterectomy by the time they are 60. That's right that's almost all of them. This is licenced mutilation. I will say no more.

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