Friday, 19 April 2013

Hypnotherapy influences

As some of you know I am busy doing the HPD Hypnotherapy diploma at the moment which is becoming recognised as the top qualification in the UK. Am currently up to my eyes in writing my case notes for my case studies. I am very pleased to find that even with my relative inexperience I can make a difference to the people I am seeing. I have four very different clients with different problems; cravings, lack of motivation, overcoming pain and trauma, finding peace and an authentic voice. You wouldn't believe perhaps that hypnotherapy could help such a disparate group of issues but clearly it can and does.

I am a CBT therapist in that I believe in giving people skills that they can use outside of therapy and in their future lives using evidence-based methods. I am influence by many different therapist - Michael Yapko is one clinician/writer who I really rate. His writing is really top-notch and his understanding that it is the therapist/client interaction that makes the most difference in outcome is something that I have a lot of belief in. However, I have also been heavily influence by the work of Gil Boyne. If you’ve been interested in hypnosis for any time, you’ll no doubt have heard of Gil Boyne, who is one of the most famous hypnotherapists of this century.

His skilful use of suggestion and age regression to overcome trauma have been very illuminating. Gil trained more than 12,000 hypnotists worldwide, and many more benefit from his work without knowing where it came from. Although Gil died in May 2010 I  found out that his work is available online and I took the plunge and subscribed so I could see his methods and learn from someone with 55 years of clinical experience . If any of you are interested in seeing a master at work just check out;
What I loved about his approach is it's simplicity and honesty - here is a man who not only really cared about his clients but had the depth of knowledge and clinical experience to pull it off. If any of you are interested in becoming a hypnotherapist, or just someone with an interest in hypnosis, there is no better person to learn from than one of the pioneers of modern hypnotherapy, so I recommend you check it out while it’s on special offer right now. As it's in dollars not pounds when you add in the strength of the pound right now it really isn't expensive - around £75 . Then, if that piques your interest contact the Adam Eason School of hypnotherapy and do a course - I did it out of interest to see what hypnotherapy was and found it personally and professionally transformative.
Anyway better get back to the case studies- hypnotherapy is SO COOL and I am really excited to be doing it...

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