Friday, 5 April 2013

Talking hypnotherapy 2

As I know I have probably put off a lot of my male followers with talk of women's issues (!) I'd like to turn a little to the experience I am having with the hypnotherapy training. I am now in my 7th month of training and have finally been let loose on the public (well just those willing to have a free 'case study' series of sessions with me). I am having good results already, even with people I already know - which is supposed to reduce your objectivity. Just knowing what questions to ask and then using the appropriate techniques; mindfulness exposure, swish pattern(an NLP technique), the Dickens pattern, etc seems to reveal so much about our underlying thoughts, associations and beliefs.

People who have been working with me are already seeing changes in their behaviour in a very positive direction. I don't want to brag just to acknowledge how powerful this is - even after 2 or 3 sessions things are being revealed which have been long hidden.
I am quick to point out this is not a failure of willpower or intellect on the part of those who are undergoing treatment with me. It is just that these beliefs are very well disguised under layers of rationalisation; 'I want to go out but it's probably not worth it (underlying belief ; I am at risk/insecure if I leave home). 'I need chocolate' (belief; it makes me feel nurtured and loved which I am missing), I can't give in to my partner's demands (belief; if I give in it makes me weak). These are the things that drive us. It's remarkable how uncovering the hidden reason for our behaviour changes the way we perceive them. The first step to change is awareness and that I guess is what hypnosis does quicker than anything.

I have decided to launch my new therapy business (including hypnotherapy) with the name Alchemy therapies This is not finished yet - I need a new logo and obviously content but the process has begun (all done now, Ed). I am hoping to launch in July with some cut-price offers between now and then while I am still training. I will keep my Facebook page Patricia Worby Holistic Health posted with updates.

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