Monday, 15 April 2013

Superfoods and healing

Last Tuesday was present at an inspirational talk by Kavi Jezzie Hockaday at the Art House cafe in Southampton - someone who has healed himself from Inflammatory Bowel Disease which is a pretty astonishing thing. He did it over 10 years of Ayurvedic and emotional cleansing which he admitted is very hard and by the sounds of it 3 sessions of 6 week juice cleanses plus numerous other treatments it wasn't an easy path to tread. Much easier to take the tablets and look to surgery to sort it out. His consultant assured him he would 'be back' as alternative methods didn't work. I felt while listening and indeed, looking round the room, that people were fascinated to hear this story, that is not often told.
Today he eats a diet which is centred around raw, whole and superfoods (things like Spirulina, Chlorells, Maca and Raw Cacao, Coconut, etc. his website is one I have promoted to several friends and intend to make a part of my practice of holistic healing.

When my new practice is fully operational with the hypnotherapy now the case! Ed) I want to offer a range of treatments depending on the person and the issues they have. I realised early on that just offering massage, for instance, doesn't work for everyone. Some people need more emotional healing (which can be a big part of physical illness) and others want to reconnect with their bodies. Whatever issues they have there are different options available. My model is to offer a treatment protocol, including those therapies that I offer plus others from different therapies - a team-based idea. And Nutritional Medicine will be at the heart of that.

I heard today from a friend who has just had an operation and is wondering why things are taking a long time to heal. I asked her - what are you doing to speed your healing? Nothing of course. The hospital give you a bag of painkillers to last several months but at no point do they tell you - increase your vitamin C intake, make sure you eat a lot of green foods for the next several months, etc. you are left to 'heal' at your own pace and, depending on the inadequacy of your diet, that could take a long time. So, superfoods could be ideal for someone in her situation - the readily assimilable nature of the green powders(chlorella, spirulina and wheatgrass) makes them powerful stimulants for repair and renewal of the tissues of the body.

I do want to use more of these foods - in my blended drinks for example. Currently I have been relying on my stalwart spinach and orange drink - but have been finding it hard to find the motivation where it has been so cold. Now that spring is finally here and things are warming up I may find my body accepts these cold foods better. I look forward to a dialogue with Kavi over his approach to health and healing. I can honestly say he shone. At 54 he looked younger than many people 10 years younger. There were some grey hairs sure, but he had an inner light and a body that just vibrated with health. He still has some issues to deal with - Reynauds' for instance (which I have too and is now recognised as an auto-immune disease which is intimately linked to gut health) . Like he said, healing is an ongoing process. We are never finished til we die.

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