Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Day 2 of the Raw Food Detox

Day 2 and boy oh boy is this tough. I was warned yesterday that it would be the hardest day as all your toxins start to be eliminated and you feel - rough! Had a difficult night, kept waking very dehydrated, then so physically exhausted it felt like having flu. A sty has come up on my eye (which is interesting as presumably this is the liver detoxing). Dawn reckons she's getting a cold sore too. This is normal apparently - whatever the weakest point of your immune system is will likely come to the fore. I KNOW it will be worth it but I can tell you this morning I was close to throwing in the towel. It's not nice to feel so bad -but knowing what i know that you often feel worse before you feel better (the 'healing crisis') this is something you have to go through before you feel the full benefit. I have been fantasising about my muesli believe it or not. And the kurly cale crisps that Rian made looked so appetising! It's interesting isn't it that i'm not fantasising about chocolate or crisps. Just good wholesom food that you can chew will be a real treat. I can't wait. Tomorrow i have the opportunity to have some food or I can go on til Thurs. I think you can guess what I'm going to do. I'm not a matyr to the cause.

Have had some interesting conversations about the whole Raw Food thing - there are various shades of opinion here and some people have done other courses and detoxes and others are complete novices but impressed by what knowledge there is to share here. It makes the whole thing more positive somehow. We had yoga this morning which I thought I wouldn't manage but made me feel better, and a guided meditation after the morning juice. It's a pretty full-on experience that looks at things holistically which suits me but I think some people might find it pretty challenging. Ah well, that's all for now, be in touch when I have something else to report. Wish me luck!

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