Monday, 22 March 2010

Detox day 1

Hi there from my residential detox centre in Winchester. Arrival last night was a shock when I realised that there was no food on Sunday night! however, as we hadn't eaten we were given a very nice raw soup and a quick introduction to the week. First thing I hadn't realised was that instead of a mixture of juicing and raw food during the week it was a juicing detox first and then raw food from Weds/Thurs! So, I had to face the next 2-3 days without eating anything other than juices. But, in for a penny as they say and here I am 24 hours later having had only green juices all day (including a wheat grass shot first thing which made me feel nauseous). and, though I am missing food (and fantasising about the lovely things I can eat when we resume eating on Weds), I am not desperate or craving but feeling quite liberated. I have felt very tired during the day and have slept quite a lot and expect to have an early night after an enema (my first!) but in general am feeling quite positive.

There are 3 guests here at the moment, all sharing the experience and our life stories. All very empowering and with a series of speakers during the week on various aspects of health and wellbeing (from nutrition through to spiritual/emotional health) it should be fab. Today we had a lecture on longevity from Max Tuck who plans to reach age of 100! Looking at the excellent health she now has I wouldn't be surprised. She is 100% Living food (i.e raw with sprouting) and looks amazing on it. She is a practising vet which as well as a Health Educator which is an interesting mix - a bit like mine being a gardener and healer..

Well, it already feels very inspirational being here but I know tomorrow is going to be difficult physically and Weds difficult emotionally apparently. Wish me luck! Will be blogging anything interesting as it comes up.
Bye for now,

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