Friday, 12 March 2010

Detoxification is the name of the game

Am busy reading and writing on detoxification and my researches plus personal experience have led me to consider mercury amalgam filling removal. The evidence is so compelling against having mercury in your mouth it seems to me stupid not to at least investigate how much it woudl cost to have them removed. Of course I can't get that done on the NHS but have to pay privately. The NHS paid to fill my mouth up with fillings (during my childhood I can hardly remember a visit to the dentist that didn't result in a filling!). it was only as I reached adulthood and the way dentists are paid (i.e. per filling) changed that suddenly, hey presto! I no longer needed them. Now that could be as I stopped eating so many sweets but it does make me question the policy then.
I recently had a filled tooth removed as my wisdom teeth had come through partially and were causing decay in one of my molars. It had to be extracted as my dentist said it was too far gone to save. I had a strange feeling when it was removed that somehow this would be beneficial, though I didn't know then what I know now that mercury vapour is constantly evaporating from your teeth, especially if you grind your teeth, eat acidic foods and drink hot liquids - all of which I do. Dr Paula Baillie-Hamitlon in her excellent book 'Stop the 21st century killing you' (slightly emotive title but solid research) said if there is one thing she would recommend people do to improve their health then this was it.
As I and a friend are just about to embark on a week of juicing and raw food at the UK's first residential Raw food centre (Health, etc in Winchester), I thought this was an apt time to consider all my detoxing options. Though I would not describe myself as ill, I know i am not optimally healthy. Two glasses of white wine from last night render me headachey and dehydrated this morning despite drinking water before going to bed last night. it appears that the sulphites in the wine can be toxic to people who's livers are overtaxed or working inefficiently. This is evidently the case with me. I always wondered why as I never got this when I was younger - I would get a hangover if I drank more than 4 or 5 glasses but this is different. The headache is very particular. It makes perfect sense to me that as I get older and my body gets more overloaded with toxins (did you know we take in approx. 123 different chemcials through our mouth and skin each day? And these accumulate in the fat cells in our bodies and are passed on to your children. We are playing Russian Roulette with our bodies and our planet. It really is frightening.
However, this blog wasn't meant to add to the depression that many of us feel with the state of the world but to outline that there are practical measures you can take. I usually do a liver detox around the equinox (March and October each year) as, after the first one I did the results were so amazing that i vowed to make it a regular part of my health maintenance regime. I prefer the one that uses milk thistle and dandelion extract as a liver support whilst restricting you diet and drinking the all important olive oil/lemon juice/water drink (yes I know it sounds odd but it really works). The energy and vitality I felt after that first cleanse was amazing. Subsequent ones haven't been so dramatic but I guess that is possibly because I didn't have so much to get rid of. This year I have decided to spend my redundancy money on a weeks retreat to experience a much more complete overhaul. I want to blog every day from the centre so you'll get a feeling of what I'm going through. I expect it'll be hard and some emotional stuff will rear its head. I know I'm still going through stuff at the moment as I'm having really strong anxiety dreams. Healing takes place on many levels though not just with the body as I'm beginning to realise.
I'll begin the detox on Sunday 21st March through to the following Saturday. if anyone is interested in following me. Speak soon,

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