Saturday, 27 March 2010

Final day of the Detox

Hi folks
Have slept like a log after an amazing session of rebirthing yesterday afternoon with a guy called Jonathan who is a Reiki master and all round special guy. Despite an odd name which might be off-putting for some (and certainly would have been for me had I not have had a wonderful breathing meditation workshop with him earlier in the week). It involves connected breathing techniques which send you into a deep trance-like state where you are then able to connect more with your inner self. Now, I know a lot of sceptics out there are thinking 'what on earth is she on about' - I was one of you, so I know how that feels. All I can say is that with an experienced practitioner this becomes a journey into oneself.
As I went deeper into relaxation, i saw lights, I saw a window shape, like concentric circles and then finally (after I had nearly nodded off), as I lay there in the final part of the session, a face appeared of an ancient man (I don't mean old as in years but as in from a long time ago - an ancient culture perhaps) who turned to look at me and one eye blinked and stayed while the rest of him faded. It was not scary in the slightest, I felt he held me there in love.
Jonathan gave me some Reiki to end the session, and I left feeling very held.
I have booked to do my Reiki 2nd stage with Jonathan as he is a Reiki teacher too. This is something I have been thinking about for a while as I wanted to offer Reiki with my massage therapy. It's going to be worth it I think.
We then had an evening of wool craft, which I have to say I was not looking forward to as I haven't done anything like that since I was a child but, it was great - I made 2 friendship bracelets and some felt balls and it was wonderfully creative. She was also a raw fooder and proceeded to tell us how she was brought up as a child but still eats some cooked foods and loves fresh coffee. it was arefreshing change from the slightly holier than thou attitude that I have been picking up here. We have made a number of observations of the contradictions inherent in this lifestyle and it has certainly been 'food for thought'.
OK well, my skin is looking miles better, the cracks on my feet which are termed 'hard skin' and i thought were with me for life, have disappeared, I have lost 5 pounds, my eyes are clearer, I feel more energetic so I have to say that this nutrional approach really works.
We leave this morning so this will be my last post from here. I hope to make further blogs as I adjust to life at home with 'cooked' food (it's weird how being in one environment makes you forget the rest).
Love and light to all/any reading this. Don't let your prejudices prevent you from following your intuition. Heart over mind. It's so vital

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  1. Hi Tricia, I have read your comments and it sounds as though you had a good time overall? A journey of reflection and learning me thinks!

    I have been taking advice about my own diet from one of Nigel's friends who is also a nutritionist/herbalist. As you know my diet is pretty healthy, but in order to perhaps give my health a boost, a residential course might suit me better. I still need clarification from my neurologist (in June) as to what is causing the progression of my symptoms, but wouldn't rule out a residential course then. I like the idea of raw food and juicing!

    Hope you continue to feel the benefits of the course and do well in your new career!