Thursday, 25 March 2010

Day 4 of the Detox

Wow what a 24 hours this has been.
Had a fantastic talk last night on spiritual healing from a woman, marie, who was paralysed from the neck down in a car accident and decided to not give up but heal herself. Her story was not only mesmerising but very profound. Her advice to us was to simply 'enjoy what is' and trust that 'all is well'. These sayings might sound trite out of context to her story but they certainly resonated with me. I had been having a really difficult day, trying to get to grips with the stresses of being 'outside' my normal life and still maintain all the business development that needs to be done. Instead of being on retreat it has felt like being on the defensive. I have to remind myself I am doing the best I can with the tools that I have. Dawn has also been feeling a bit low with all the stuff going on in her life too so the emotional side of the detox has been very revealing.

Today we had an incredible sound healing workshop - with a gong and various Himalayan Crystal bowls. Surprisingly effective way of sending you into a meditative space. A guy turned up later who, my first impressions were - 'he's not on a raw food diet' - as he was quite overweight and looked rather sick. It then transpired that he was a stage 4 cancer survivor who should, by all measures, be dead. He has lost 3 stone in 5 weeks of solid green juicing, he is suffering greatly but says the reason he is still here is because of the juicing and sheer willpower to survive. Before meeting Rian and changing his diet he was on 24 pills a day; antihypertensives, blood sugar regulators, anti-ulcer medication, pills for his eczema, etc, etc. His oncologist and GP keep ringing him to pressurise him to take chemotherapy. He had the radiotherapy but it apparently caused such damage to his internal organs that when he was operated on to repair his prostate the surgeon could do nothing as all his organs had 'fused'. His wife who also came explained that she since she has been raw fooding to keep him company she has stopped all her medications too. This is the story we need to publish. I KNOW the medical establishment refuses to believe that cancer and other diseases can be treated nutritionally but here is the proof if ever I needed it.

I remember thinking when my sister in law was diagnosed with bowel cancer 2 and a half years ago that I felt she was lucky being put into a clinical trial for the latest chemotherapy drug because it could prolong her life for 6 months or so. She endured absolute agony for the last 6 months and still died. If I'd known then what I know now I would have strongly recommend she try the juicing instead. It is incredibly powerful.

It saddens me that the truth is so suppressed and the lie of 'scientists will find the cure for cancer' is still perpetuated by the medical/pharmacological establishment (of which I have been a part). It's just the cancer industry unfortunately, that firstly sells us the food products that give us cancer and then attempts to make more money out of us by selling us cancer 'treatment' which may or may not give us remission (notice it is not a 'cure' but a treatment - the risks of it returning are high even after treatment as the conditions which allow cancer to thrive are still present unless the sufferer makes changes to their lives). This method which I have seen working has been documented in many establishments throughout the world - most noticeably by Charlotte Gerson and the Gerson therapy she developed with her father. But it is derided and forced to be an 'underground' treatment (they cannot operate their centre in the US as it is banned). What do they do that is so terrible. They treat cancer in exactly the way I am learning here. They juice, they give enemas, they detoxify, they educate and enlighten. This, really is the only way.

Well, only a couple of days to go now - am back on raw food now and expect to leave her a few pounds lighter. Have lost 4 pounds already - 2 notches on my belt! please, dear reader don't think of this as weight loss diet. It is a life-change diet.

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