Monday, 1 March 2010

The gardening year starts here!

Hi Folks
Today the sun came out and the mist began rising from the fences and roofs as I watched from my kitchen early in the morning. It was magical and reminded me that spring is just around the corner. Luckily the weather was good as today I was gardening for a client that was started a few weeks ago but has been hampered by the weather. Today we managed not only to finish the digging over (a couple of new borders) but also I collected the plants that I ordered last week and put most of them in (I will finish tomorrow). The client was so surprised when she came home - the garden is transformed! I wish every day could be so uplifting. however, my muscles are aching terribly so perhaps it best that I don't do this every day!
Roll on spring - the days are beginning to lengthen and with it my spirits rising. All we need now is some warmth.
Am managing to keep up with the optimum nutrition - green drinks in the morning, superfoods with my muesli, then it gets a bit more complex especially when I'm at work. however, fresh soup seems to suit me and I've noticed my digestion has improved since I cut down the sugar and milk and added the spirulina and barley grass drink.
Long discussions with friends about the futility of 'dieting' - restricting your intake of calories by cutting out carbohydrates for instance simply puts your body into starvation mode which, although initially weight reducing, causes you to put more on faster when you come off the diet. However, it's difficult to convince some people of this as they are psychologically 'hooked' on the notion of dieting. It seems to provide a social support (between those people on the diet) and a sense of control (once I've lost weight I will have more impetus to keep going, etc). It is not just my observation but well documented in the research that most diets fail - after all if they didn't the whole industry would go bust. Anyhow, I know I'm becoming boring on the subject. But, dear reader, just to let you know, by not restricting my diet but replacing some of the less nutritious things with the superfoods and wholefoods I've managed to lose all the weight I put on on holiday in just 2 weeks (about 6 pounds). And, I think it will stay off. Will let you know!

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